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It offers an orderly, fast and easy shopping experience.

Categories, subcategories, an intuitive search engine so that your customers can stock up in less time, at any time of the day, from any device.

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Manage your catalog, orders, customers and price lists.

From the administrator panel you will be able to manage all the published information and track your main indicators. Connected to your ERP.

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Unique features for B2B ecommerce

Customised catalogues per customer: price lists, shipping patterns, payment methods, credit line. Everything for your customer to self-manage 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with a B2C ecommerce?

In an ecommerce specialized in manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers you will find functionalities such as customized catalogs, price lists, volume discounts, credit line, quotation flows.

Can I serve existing and new customers through my B2B ecommerce?

Yes, if you decide to have an open B2B store you will be able to reach new customers, who after registering buy from a general catalog. To your recurring customers you give them credentials for a personalized access where they will be able to see a differentiated price list. All from a single platform.

Can I have different price lists?

Yes, this is a key functionality for B2B ecommerce. You will be able to assign to your different customers, a catalog and a differentiated price list personalizing the shopping experience.

What are the functionalities of a B2B ecommerce?

Catalog customization, payment methods and credit lines per customer, closed or semi-open implementations to grant exclusive access to verified customers, tiered pricing, discounts for volume purchases.
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Can I integrate Riqra with my ERP?

Riqra has native integrations with various systems such as SAP Business One, Odoo, BSale, Autoventa, among others. In addition, we can evaluate new integrations as long as they have a public API (web services).

When is it recommended to start with a B2B Ecommerce?

It is recommended for any B2B company that sells products; however, some signs that you need it are:
If you sell products frequently to other companies, if you receive orders by mail, call or courier channels, if you have delays in fulfilling your customers' orders, if your sales force performs many operational actions to enter orders, or if your customer makes frequent inquiries about stock, prices or discounts.

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