Here are the main features of Riqra B2B ecommerce

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B2B online shop

Set up a customised shop

Type of access: Choose whether your store will be open to the public or exclusive for your customers (recommended for B2B). Learn more about the different types of implementation here.

Customisable domain: We provide you with a subdomain or you can connect your own domain (recommended).

Configurable layoutDefine logo, colors, links, social networks, contact information, font and more.

Communicate through banners: Configure up to 5 banners, each with a personalized call to action.

Category banners: With images and automatic filter.

b2b shop customisation
ecommerce categories

Powerful search engine: Predictive search engine from 3 letters on product name, SKU and attributes.

Grouping by categories: Categories and subcategories for grouping your products.

Product customisation: Configure the name, presentation, description (accept HTML), grouping by variants and product ratings.

Featured products: Select the most important products that your customers will see as soon as they enter your store and promote their sale.

Announcement barCommunicate your latest news and more to your customers through the announcement bar.

Manage prices,
discounts and promotions.

Price lists: Set up customised price lists for your customer groups.

Discount coupons: Set up fixed amount or percentage discount coupons for specific customers to enter with their purchase.

Automatic discounts: Configure rules and discounts by categories or purchase minimums.

ecommerce promotions
online shop discount

Discounted prices: Set up discounted prices and add a customised label for better product identification. Increase impulse purchases.

Volume discounts: Configure promotions with price scales according to the purchase volume of your customers.

Tiered pricingConfigures the price of a product according to the purchase volume.

Hidden prices: You can hide the prices of your products for non-registered users.

Agreed prices: Assigns customized prices for a single customer.

Order and inventory management

Order editing: You will be able to edit prices, products and quantities in the registered orders, as well as notify your customer by e-mail and through the store.

StatusManage the status of your orders, such as: confirmed, delivered, or others.

Notifications: Send emails notifying your customers of order status changes.

Tags: Create tags and assign them to your orders for better search management.

Multiple warehouses: Create and manage warehouses to serve different geographical areas.

Low stock notifications: Get notified when your products are close to running out of stock.

online payment

Accepts payments at any time

ecommerce inventory

Online payments: Activate payments with the main gateways and digital wallets in each country.

Informative payments: Set up and activate informative payments, such as account numbers for deposit or others.

Credit line: Activate credit lines for your B2B customers.

Payment methods per customer: Set up customized payments for each of your customers. For example, new customers will be able to access online payments and old customers will be able to access credit lines.

Multiple delivery options

Delivery conditions: Configure minimum order, days of attention, delivery time ranges, sales closing time and dates without attention. Also, define if your customer will be able to choose his delivery date or not.

Delivery customisation: Configure deliveries to the customer's location and pick-up at the warehouse or in-store.

Express order: Send your customers' orders the same day they make their purchase.

Coverage: Configure the coverage of your deliveries in your locality, or with different territories for your distributors.

Delivery cost calculator (add-on): Takes into account parameters such as weight and locations of your customers to calculate the shipping cost.

ecommerce deliveries

Optimized check out

check out ecommerce

Registration: Quick registration with just name, phone, email and password. You can enable registration with Facebook and/or Gmail.

3-step checkout: Your customers will only enter their delivery details, documents and process the payment.

One-click checkout: The customer with preloaded information can checkout with one click. Available for closed customer portals.

Comments at check-outAllow your customers to add a comment about their order.

Order reception: Enter the name, surname, document and telephone number of the person who will receive or pick up the order.

Dedications: Option for your customers to add a dedication message to their purchase.

Attach purchase order: Attach the PDF purchase order of the order at checkout.

Abandoned carts: Export abandoned carts from your Administrator Panel.

abandoned shopping cart online shop

Speed up your customers' purchases

setting up online shop order

Allow your customers to fill their shopping cart in seconds with:

Favourite products: Save your favourite products and access them easily from "Favourites".

Buy backAdd to your cart with a single click, all the products you bought in your last order or the most purchased ones.

Bulk purchase: Add to cart the products you want in bulk by entering the SKU and quantity of each one. B2B Favourite.

Suggested productsInvite your customer to add suggested products to their cart before finalizing their purchase.

Intelligent customer management

online shop customer

Profile: You will be able to update and manage the information available.

Customization per customer: Customizable price lists, payment methods, delivery patterns and credit line per customer.

Purchase history: Access to all purchase history, option to filter by dates and status, as well as order download.

Multiple documents and addresses: Manage your customers' documents and addresses.

Customer segments: (Coming soon) Group customers according to their profile and characteristics.

Efficient administration

Administrator Panel: Manage your orders, catalog, customers and more through your own Administrator Panel.

Different roles to manage your storeaUser administrator, salesperson and telemarketer.

Dashboard: Visualize the most important metrics of your ecommerce in the Dashboard of your Administrative Panel.

Massive management: Massive uploads of prices, products, customers and stock.

Role and permissions management: (Coming soon) Create roles with customised access for your ecommerce managers.

online shop management

A perfect Ecommerce for your needs

login Administrator Panel

Customer portal: The customer enters with email or code and password assigned, Your profile will be able to have portfolio, payment methods, delivery days and customised price lists.

Multi-supplier portal: Your customer logs in with credentials and chooses the supplier he wants to be served by and then enters the chosen supplier's shop.

Ecommerce B2B-B2C: Public catalogue with standard price list. Position your products in search engines and reach new customers.

Semi-open Ecommerce: Publish your catalog with hidden prices, position your products in search engines and reach new customers.

Multi-supplier Ecommerce: Public catalogue and standard price list. Your customer will choose his location and from there, he will be automatically assigned a distributor to serve him.

A catalogue for each type of delivery: The customer chooses the type of service: scheduled delivery, express delivery or shop pick-up, and will be able to view the catalogue of products corresponding to each type of delivery.

Quotation: (Coming soon) Public catalogue with hidden prices. The customer will request a quote for the products you add to your cart.

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Integration with third parties

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